Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate White Review

Welcome to our post about the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. We have scoured user opinions for this gate and we are going to outline the benefits and advantages of this gate, as well as tell you some of the weaknesses of the Regalo gate.

Many users have made a wise decision to purchase this model because the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is currently the best selling pet gate online at Amazon.

We understand if you do not want to read a whole review, so if you prefer to jump straight through to Amazon to see what customers have to say about it then you can click through here to check the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate at Amazon. If you are still reading then great, let’s get on to the review.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate White Features

  • Pressure mount installation in an opening with wall saver feature
  • Adjusts from 29 to 39 inches width
  • Comes with 6 inch extension to allow up to 39 inches width
  • Extensions are optionally available to customize this gate to become extra wide up to 60 inches
  • Choose light install or more secure install using supplied wall cups
  • Can be installed at the top of the stairs
  • Gate is 31 inches tall (this is a tall gate)
  • Includes walk thru swing gate for easy access through the gate
  • Safety lock can be operated with one hand
  • The walk thru section is 16 inches wide

This Regalo easy step walk thru gate is made for standard with hallways and stair openings at the shorter 29 inch width, with a 6 inch extension that allows up to 39 inches in width.

If that isn’t wide enough then customers can get the extension feature for wider openings or hallways. That option converts the gate into a Regalo easy open wide gate. Please note this is an optional kit that is purchased separately to allow the use as an extra wide dog gate.

If you are going to install this Regalo gate at the top of the stairs then please know that the wall cups must be used. This will provide a more secure fit, as a solid mount is required to prevent the gate from coming loose and an accidental fall down the stairs.

The construction of this Regalo Safety Gate is all steel, so the gate will hold up well to the abuse of the children or to the chewing habits of your dog. Wooden gates certainly look nice but can show wear more quickly from the rigors of your children or if your dog chews on it. This dog gate model is steel and will hold up well to this abuse. The steel also offers a better looking finish compared to a plastic gate.

The one hand latch operation is convenient when users arms are full carrying a child or other items. This allows for easily opening and closing the gate. There are some user comments worth reading in the user opinion section related to the one handle operation.

With a height of 31 inches, this is a tall dog gate, and it is going to prevent your dog from jumping over it. You will most likely need to operate the one handed latch to get through as most people aren’t tall enough to easily step over a gate of this height.

Customer Opinion:

There are over 6000 people who have provided an opinion on this gate. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Definitely an overall good rating. There are comments mostly from customers who love the gate, but there are also some unhappy users.

Some users have believed the gate is defective due to a gap in the latch area. That is there by design and gets eliminated when the gate is installed with the proper tension. It is actually a design feature and is not a flaw, but the company may not have included the precaution with this for all shipments.

The steel construction is also a positive point. Customers have tried wooden gates that have been chewed and destroyed by their enthusiastic dogs, but this steel gate holds up tot he task demonstrating its overall good build quality.

This gate works best set at the narrower settings where it is quite sturdy. When it is widened to fit bigger openings there are some comments that it does not feel as sturdy in the widened position.

The walk thru section can also be a bit narrow for some users liking, but most people are comfortable with it.

Customer Complaints

The gate only opens in one direction. This shouldn’t be a complaint, as this is a great price for a gate, but if you want the flexibility of having the gate open in both directions there are other options available for a bit more money.

Some comments have mentioned poor weld quality leaving burs on the welds, so it would be a good idea to thoroughly inspect the item so there is no possibility to scratch the walls or you or your toddler.

The handle is designed to be one handed operation, but even so some users find it difficult to use with one hand. And in some cases the toddler has figured out how to open it. That shouldn’t be an issue for a dog but worth considering if it is for your toddler.

Lastly the walk thru area has a 1.5 inch bar on at the bottom, so you need to know this when walking through to ensure you don’t trip on it.

Regalo Pet Gate  Summary

Overall this is a nice economical gate that is very popular on Amazon. It is actually currently the best seller. It is great for pets or for standard hallways.

But if you want something for the top of stairs, or that opens in two directions and has a wider opening, then we suggest you check out other models from Munchkin or Evenflow.

Check the link below for the Regalo Easy Step Gate and see if it is on sale today for a special discount price.

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