Carlson 0930PW Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate with pet door white

In this review post for the the Carlson 0930PW Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate with pet door white, we are going to give you the key features and benefits of this gate, and tell you some of the weaknesses of the gate. This will help you in searching for your ideal gate and to make an informed buying decision.

We want to ensure that you get the full scoop on the important features about this product, and more importantly how well it works and how robust it is for holding up through the wear and tear of use and your pets. We will also show you where to get the best prices for this gate.

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What are the main features of the Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate

-Secondary opening allows small pets to pass through
-All-steel construction that is sturdy, lead-free, non-toxic, and chew proof
-Easy to open one touch release handle
-Fast easy setup
-Includes 2 extensions to expand gate up to 44 inches

The first feature of a secondary opening is provided if you have a smaller dog or pet cat that you want to allow free access.

The construction is all steel, which is perfect if you have a dog that likes to chew. Wooden gates will get worn down from a dogs chewing, but steel will hold up much better. The steel also offers a better quality look than would a plastic gate.

The expansion up to 44 inches is great when you want to place the gate in a wider than normal opening. Almost any gate will work in a 34-36 inch opening, but this one expands to 44 inches to allow placement in hallways and is not restricted to doorways.

The 1 touch handle release will be appreciated when your arms are full such as carrying groceries, a child or holding your pet back. The At 30 inches high, this Carlson extra tall pet gate is going to prevent your pet from jumping over it, but stepping over the gate isn’t an easy option unless you are built tall and have long legs. That’s why you need the easy one touch handle.

And a fast easy setup means minimal fuss or spending a lot of time on instructions. This will be installed and in use in no time.

Customer Opinion of the Carlson extra tall pet gate

Customer opinions and reviews are overall very positive, and with some minor downsides. Here are the pros and cons that customers have discussed.

Customers like the sturdy construction and quality look of the gate, and It is also confirmed to be very easy to install.

The best feature of the Carlson 0930PW Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate with pet door white is its versatility. It is a quick mount with pressure points for the easiest installation possible. Next this gate features a swing open door to easily walk through without stepping over or tripping on the gate. And it has a smaller pet door built in to allow your cat or dog to pass through when you want them too. Very versatile indeed.

The bar spacing is a little on the wide side, so very small dogs or puppies, and cats could get through the openings. Also if leaving the small pet door open for a cat and you have a young toddler crawling around, know that they can likely get through the opening or get stuck. So if you have it installed in a sensitive area or blocking stairs you might want to keep that pet door closed.

The smaller secondary door is also a little larger than it needs to be. That could allow small to medium dogs to get through or try to get through as well as toddlers could crawl through the smaller doorway.

You can get it without the small pass through door here if you want to use this as a child gate. Check out their product without the secondary door.

The pressure fit could cause damage to walls. This is less of an issue if installing in door jambs. But if you don’t over tighten the gate it should not cause a problem.

Extender pieces are used on the sides of the gate to allow it to fit different size openings. That means there is a chance it might not fit exactly as it isn’t infinitely adjustable. You might be able to add mounting pads or cups to help with incremental adjustments and to help secure the grip of the installation.

Carlson 0930PW  Summary

In summary, this is a solid buy because it is available for a good price, is quality steel that looks very nice, is chew resistant and is solidly built.

At this time you can pick up the Carlson 0930PW gate at amazon.com for less than $ 50 which is a very good buy. However, if you have a cat, then you may be better off with a model that has smaller bar spacing.

Although there are cheaper gates remember that you generally do get what you pay for. This is one of the best selling and durable gates you can find. You can’t go wrong with this choice and the customer comments and opinion give it very positive reviews.

Check the link below for the Carlson 0930PW Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate with pet door white and see if it is on sale today for a special discount price.


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