Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate Review

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The Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate is currently an Amazon Choice Product online at Amazon so you know it is a popular safety gate.

Perhaps you don’t need to read a whole review, so if you prefer to jump straight through to Amazon to purchase or do further review then you can check it at Amazon.

If you are interested in further reading then we are proud to offer our review and advice for the Munchkin Easy Close Gate.

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate Features

  • Swings open in both directions
  • Adjusts from 29.5 inch to 35 inch wide
  • Height of 29.5 inch tall
  • Attaches with Pressure fit method or screw mount wall cups
  • Child gate with hardware included for added safety
  • Easy closing lock system
  • Adult easy to operate double-locking system on handle
  • Child resistant double-locking system on handle
  • Enhanced stability with U-shaped steel power frame
  • Hardware included to secure gate in place
  • Comes with one 2.75 inch extension
  • For wider openings up to 54 inches extensions can be purchased separately
  • Gravity feed ramp for auto closing
  • Generous 22 inch wide walk thru section

This Munchkin safety gate is made for standard with hallways and stair openings at the narrower 29.5 inch width, with an extension that allows up to 35 inches in width. This is narrower than some other models (the Regalo Easy Step goes to 39 inches) but extensions are available at extra cost allowing up to 54 inches in width.

This Munchkin baby gate can be installed at the top of the stairs as the pressure fit is very secure even for this installation. There is also the option of screwing cups to the wall for the most secure install, but generally that is not needed as the pressure fit is quite secure.

The construction is steel and the build quality of this gate is very sturdy, in fact better built than many other brands. This gate is going to hold up very well to the abuse it gets, and even with a pressure fit is very difficult to budge. The quality of finish is also above average on this model and so much nicer than other cheap looking plastic models. The fit and finish on this gate is excellent. The double lock latch operation is very easy to use and operates very smoothly and with very little pressure. The latch mechanism is one of the strong points of this gate.

The height is 29.5 inches making this is a fairly tall dog gate, although it is not quite as tall as other models. It is still going to keep your toddler safe and prevent your dog from jumping over it.

Customer Opinion

The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon with the majority of reviews being positive, Even the lower ratings are having a difficult time to find any serious faults with the Munchkin gate.

The steel construction is also a strong point to this Munchkin gate, and it has better than average finish and is reported as being very sturdy.

The walk thru section is also wider than other models, with this one offering a generous 22 inches of walk through width. That makes it much easier to get through than on other models than have only a 16 inch travel way.

Negative Feedback

This safety gate does provide auto closing through a gravity system. If you need the gate to stay open as you make multiple trips through or perhaps need it to remain open for a longer length of time, then you are going to need to prop it open or tie it open. That’s not too much of a negative point.

The other negative feature is it is a bit narrower. Other models will fit up to 39 inches so so you may need to pay extra for a Munchkin Gate Extension to allow it to fit anything over 35 inches wide that this gate will support.

As with most safety gates, there are some issues with installation. While most users are able to quickly install the gate, there are some who feel the instructions are insufficient or difficult to follow.

And lastly some smart toddlers at ages 2 and 3 are able to figure out how to open this Munchkin gate. So it may be more suited to younger toddlers and to pet dogs.

Munchkin Baby Gate Summary

This is a well built gate that is very popular on Amazon. It is currently an Amazon Choice product and is receiving high praise for its sturdy build, secure mounting, and easy to operate handle and smooth operation, coupled with a roomy walk through area.

If you want yo save a bit of money and get something almost as good, then we recommend the Regalo East Step Thru gate.

But for hardly any increase in price, this gate offers it all and it is very hard to find fault with this gate. It is highly recommended.

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