Benefits of using Dog Gates
Benefits of using Dog Gates

Our pet dogs are an integral part of our family, and we want to keep them safe. Let’s learn the benefits of using dog gates to keep our pets secure, and prevent them from running around our home, making a mess or knocking things over.

How does our dog really behave when we are not around to see what troubles it is getting into?

Dog gates can certainly be beneficial in keeping your pet confined to a certain room or area in your home. The right dog gates provide protection for both our children and pets, keeping them safe and secure from household dangers.

Dog gates come in many different types, size, construction and decor with many convenient features. You can choose the style and type that is right for your narrow or wide doorway or hall, big or small dog and freestanding or mounted gate.

All of these choices will provide a means to keep your pet right where you want them and for many good reasons.

Keep your dog out of certain rooms with a dog gate:

You may not want your dog in certain rooms of the house because of your nice hardwood floor, furniture or other reasons. You may want this control all the time, or perhaps only when you are out and the dogs are left alone.

Whether it’s your home office, living room or bedrooms, there are many reasons we want to keep our pet secured. Dog gates are an easy way to keep your dog in one area or room or to keep it out of other rooms.

Use gates to keep dogs separated:

If you own two or more dogs, you may find dogs don’t always get along. Or there may be times you want to keep them separate, especially if you have not spayed your pets.

Dog gates allow you to keep your dogs separate, giving them each their own space to keep the peace and safeguard the dogs and your house.

Gates protect infants from the dog:

Certainly if you have a toddler or infant in the house, you may want to keep the dog away from your child. Doggie gates allow you to keep your dog confined for safety to the child or dog.

The reverse could also be true where you might want to protect a young puppy from a rough handling toddler.

Can Gates Reduce house cleaning:

By using a gate to keep your dog in a certain area means shedding hair, messy eating habits or unavoidable accidents are kept to an area that is easier to clean and keeps the rest of the house cleaner.

For example, gate the dog on a tiled or laminated floor so that cleaning up a mess is much easier than on a carpeted room.

Keep your dog off stairs or on one house level with a dog gate:

Dog gates are also a fantastic way to keep your dog only on one level of your home. Using one to block them from going up or downstairs will keep them out of rooms on a whole floor or level.

Keep your dog away from the cat:

Dog gates are a great way to keep your dog out of your cat’s litter box or away from the cat food. Cats are very agile and can jump over most gates while your dog will be kept at bay. Using a gate can allow more freedom so your cat can go wherever it wants.

Keep your dog safe:

Dog gates are also a great way to keep dogs safe. As an example you can use them to block the stairs if you want to prevent older dogs from falling down the stairs. Or keep them out of the room with the door tot he street to ensure they don’t run out and get into trouble.

Dog gates provide more freedom than a dog kennel:

Using a dog gate allows you to keep it confined to a room, area of the house or one or more floors. You can decide how much space to give your dog which provides much more freedom to exercise, eat and drink and go to the bathroom than it would have if left in a confined dog kennel.


Provide yourself with peace of mind. By knowing that you have secured your dogs, you won’t worry about if your dog or dogs are safe or i they have chewed up your furniture and belongings.

Knowing your dog wont create a huge mess in your home, is very comforting, and allows you to have a more relaxed worry free day.

Before purchasing any dog gate you need to decide on what style you want such as freestanding or doorway mounted. Ensure you measure the space or doorway in which you are planning to use it.

Most dog gates will fit in a standard sized doorway, but you may need an extra wide dog gate in order to fit a wider space or a shorter or taller gate depending on the size of your dog.

You can visit your local pet dog store or shop to purchase a dog gate online and child shops and toy stores also stock baby gates that you could use for securing your dog. Or you can click any of our links to check the gates on Amazon.